Silk Painting Diptych

Silk Painting .... let me know how interested you would be to learn how to do this?

Silk Painting Diptych by Michele Morgan



Since we are still on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions,…I thought I’d share this.



Do you ever feel stuck in a rut
glue is your best friend
keeping new doors shut
with no room to bend?

When you look around
as you walk down the street
do you actually stare at the ground
avoiding new faces to greet?

We’ve all traveled down this road
and are familiar with its curves
but isn’t it time you showed
some new adventurous verve?

What better time for transformation
then the present, here and now
to yourself, make a bold proclamation
and to all of those around

Once you alter your tedious course
you’ll be jumping with exhilaration
you’ll feel absolutely no remorse
instead, a new and wonderful revelation

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

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Control Your Emotions And Fulfill Your Potential!

EMOTIONS can really mess you up and your goals for the future. See what The Truth Warrior has to say about it!

The Truth Warrior


Our emotions can range from anger, fear, depression, jealousy, guilt
to joy, peace, happiness and love. The emotions that we are
experiencing can make our lives a living hell or a living heaven.

Often times we can forget that the anger or depression we are
experiencing is not outside ourselves. We can buy into the illusion
that a person or a thing or a place is making us angry. We say to a
person that you are making me feel a certain way. The truth is the
anger, the fear, the guilt, the happiness and the love is coming from
within ourselves. Nobody can make us feel a certain way unless we
give them the permission or allow them to do so.

When we experience these negative emotions, often times they can
prevent us from really seeing the true picture of our reality. They
can cloud our judgement and can…

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My Funny Valentine


Christmas was a couple weeks ago but I’ve got to be ahead of the game when it comes to holidays. So, I whipped out a few red scarves for Valentines Day. All of my scarves come gift wrapped appropriately for the holiday or color of scarf.  They are ready for shipping and….shipping is FREE in the U.S.  For international shipping, the second item is shipped free.

Mama’s got a brand new bag line.

three bags in a row

Here is a preview of a new bag line I will be painting this season.
I’d be interested in feedback on what you might think would be a fair price for original art which is also reversible? Appreciate your help!

Bittersweet Times

I’ve been remiss from my blog for some time now but for a very good reason. A family member has passed. If you ever met this man, you would question why? He was one of the most inspirational men in my life. Everyone was affected by his constant positive attitude and unconditional love for all mankind. It’s very sad but his nature will live on forever as he left a huge imprint in the sand.


Instead of having a glum funeral, we decided to celebrate his life by taking his ashes out to the very place he loved the most. His crew members that worked for him gathered up as many canoes as they could. Fifty or more folks rowed or paddled out into the aqua marine water. After laying this man to rest, everyone threw up lei’s and tropical flowers into the air. Although it was bittersweet, it was a wonderful ceremony and a great memory for his life.

Next…it was time to party the way he would have wanted us to. We went on to a beautiful yacht club where many shared their story of love about their experience of our lost friend and relative. I believe that most of us could say, “I want what he had!” From this point on….his tribute will live on and on and on…and hopefully…his ways and beliefs rub off on all of us!

Hand Painted Silk – Choose your Color


I have something you crafters might be interested in. I can hand paint silk for you. Can you visualize the most luxurious silk quilt with matching shams? That’s something I should make for myself but I’ve just not got around to it. Maybe, I can find a quilter who wants to join me on a project. I’m open! A minimum of one yard up to unlimited yardage – I can do it. You can visit my shop on Etsy to see the variety of things I paint.

Bookmarking Made Easy

In a nutshell, I’m going to show you how you can do your own bookmarking. See the video and read on further.

Sitting around is not my thing. I’ve been forced to do so because I’ve had surgery recently. I am fortunate to have had a great friend named Suzie Q who helped nurse me back to health with her delicious meals, laughter and patience.

While I was on the mend, I wanted to do something that would not take the life out of me so I thought it would be fun for a girls day or two doing some simple crafty things like making bookmarks and such. So, we did! We had fun cutting mags up and sorting it all together before we pieced the art together.

There are many artisans that have honed this craft far better than I but it’s just a fun thing for me. It’s costly to buy all the items needed to create perfect cards and bookmarks, and photo journals. If you want to make something simple and cool for your friends and family, you don’t need all that stuff. They will appreciate the fact that your hand cut all the paper, painted the art, glued it all together and signed it.

Supplies Needed:

1 .Different types of cardstock or construction paper,
matte or gloss photo paper, wallpaper (optional)
2. Scissors – Straight Edge, Pinked or Craft Scissors
3. Glue Sticks – Heavy Duty Glue (for applying heavier stock and appliques)
4. Watercolor Paints and Brushes
5. Stamping Ink and Ink Pad and Stamps
6. Hole Punch
7. Ribbons
Misc: fun items that would be flat enough for a bookmark but cool enough to apply – like a button, bead, etc. Salt – optional

Next is to have a concept about your design:
1. Who is it for? What do they like? Or, what do you want to make that would
please other people as well. Can you draw? If not, you can cut magazine
images and collage something fun.

2. Figure our the size of bookmark you want to make. You can paint an image
on matte photo stock. That is what I used. Or, you can make the bookmark
a little larger than your stamp. I put the same stamp on one piece of
paper three or four times so I made it easier for me. You can also scan
it and save it for any time in the future if you want to make them again.
See examples in video.

3. Layer your image on another piece of stock that is contrasting in color
or texture. Glue them together.
4. Wait til pieces have dried before you hole punch and put the ribbon
through. You can make them without ribbon as well.