Morgancreations gives birth to creativity.

“Holy Moly!” I just revisited the movie, “Grumpy Ol’ Men”.   I’m stealing that line from Walter Matthau.  It’s a terrific line because it sounds like a whole bunch of trouble and also exciting.  That’s how I feel like right now!

It has been two years since I’ve was serious about writing a blog.  I was immersed in my interior design company until the “you know what” hit the fan.  If you do not know what I’m referring to… It was the beginnings of the recession.  I poured my heart and soul in to that business. and loved every minute of it.  I still love all the aspects of design.  It’s in my blood, never to leave… it remains part of me. In my blog,   I wrote about all the latest trends in furnishings, lighting and mostly about my forte in color.  Little by little my heart sank each day as the rug was being pulled out from under me.  “Why Me?”  It took several months before I realized everyone around me was going through the same thing.

Holy Moly!  I saw it happen to my folks.  It happened in the great depression to my grand folks but never I never thought it would happen to moi.  Not I?  Well honey, you can sit there and whimper, do nothing, or figure something out.

Now, I’m faced with me.  Yes, me!  I came in to this world and I’ve always known what this little gal is.  I tiptoed and tapped, dabbled and danced a bit in the arts and clothing design.  I never trusted myself to proceed with such an awakening as I have today?  Deep down inside, we all know who we are or what talents that we bestow.  Yeah,  boo-hoo! Life gets in the way.  I get that.  Am I’m reaching you guys out there in any way at all?  Are you in touch with your driving passion in life is or just working at something?

Sounds corny a bit?  Yes? No?  Ok, I’m hear to just say that finally, after my many years of floundering, I’ve woken up to what will work for me the rest of my life and that is doing what I do best!

Since the arts is very subjective, I will say that I’m doing what will be best FOR ME!  Whether you like what I do or not, is not of extreme importance until the one day when I have unfolded the many works of art and rationalize it’s time to get approval of others.  I reproduce because I cannot stop.  I have closets and walls full of art.  I’m ashamed to say that I have that “It’s not good enough” syndrome.

But, I will prevail and keep on keeping on.  I’m sure other family members must wonder deeply at times.  Oh, how I’ve wondered about myself but back very deep in my soul  but…I feel pulsating triggers that torment me to create.  I cannot stop until I can look at my work and say, “HOLY MOLY!”


2 thoughts on “Morgancreations gives birth to creativity.

    • Yeah, I should go back and read it over and over again! Thanks for your comment. We all can get side-tracked too easily. I’m definately on a path this year, though and I’m very happy about that! What’s up with you?

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