Finding Time

I have the most wonderful life and I mean it but today was tough.  I feel like I’m in service to everyone but myself.  It’s all good but I do not have a choice at the moment due to the scheduling.  Three days a week I babysit Aidan, my grandson  who is the most adorable child on the face of the earth.  I love this kid so much that he can do no wrong and no matter how much I’d like to do something for myself, he comes first.  If he sleeps three hours during the course of the day, I might have time to get something done but it’s not dedicated to painting.  I have to keep a close watch over this little guy.

My husband who is also a most incredible man in my life will call me throughout the day to do some things for him. I”ll send emails or make spread sheets  for his business.  He needs help when it comes to computers. I will also work on our music career.  In other words, I’m a PR agent, a secretary, bookkeeper along with being a wife, chef, housekeeper, grandmother and babysitter.

After I’m done for the day, my son will ask me if I can will bring over Aidan so Grandpa can see him.  This is totally OK with us as I’m not going to miss out on more bonding with my little cupcake.  I do a workout three times a week, get on Facebook once a day, answer my own emails and try and figure out what my priority is.  I know there are many mom’s  as well as grandma’s that might be hearing me.

When do I get my big moment?  I have this great dream board but I guess it will have to wait or maybe all those things will just appear right before my eyes.  I would not give up this life for anything even though I have a bit of anxiety over my time schedule.  I know it will all fall in to place just beautifully.

For now, I’ll cherish the moments I have now.  Time is precious!  I’m a lucky gal!


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