I hate Spam

I hate spam and I don’t mean the kind you eat.  I hate liars and cheaters and that’s what it really boils down to.  I’m trying to make a living, eek out a paycheck just like everyone else.  On my website for clothing, about every third day, someone is trying to send me a big cashiers check.  The worst part of all this is that you get excited that someone is willing to  buy your goods.  In my case it would be my talents as everything I’m got in the shop is hand painted.  I did not just to to china, buy a shit load of it and bring it back, mark it up to the ceiling.  I worked hard and I do get excited when someone likes it enough to purchase it.

I’ve got to deal with these fraud maniacs.  The last one suggested they were on their way to church and couldn’t wait to hear from me. Ha!  He/She wanted to buy my $6,000.00 Elvis painting, sight unseen.  They are going to send a pick up agent to pick up the piece.  Hmmmm, I wonder???  Well, I was anxious to sell the piece so I replied to see if the person was legit.  They wanted my email, phone, address of where I live.  I responded “I do not give out my address to everyone, but you can call me and we can talk.”  I gave them the opportunity.  As I thought, it was fraud in full motion.

What I really hate about this is that they probably get away with it at times and more often than not they prey on the old folks or anyone who is eager to make a sale and profit from it.  How sad that these slime balls having nothing better to offer in life but sick behavior.  Ok, I’m done.  Just watch out for them you all!  You’ll know it if it smells!


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