Starving Artist – I refuse to be one.

Having no art supplies is like starving for most artists.  Not in the literal sense but I get thirsty and hungry to create.  Right now, I ran out of silk to paint on.  I have dyes but no silk.  I refuse to pay retail for it so I’m going to place an order but I have to buy the supplier’s minimum of 15 yards.  That always hurts my pocketbook.

I think the reason artist maintain the “Starving Artist” syndrome is due to the necessary products we have to buy.  Here is the description I found in Wikipedia  “A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects.”

Right now I’m putting out plenty of cash for an upcoming event.  I’m paying for a seamstress to do a lot of the hand work that I hate to do, buying my supplies and also creating an environment to showcase my wares.  I want my presentation to be Eye Candy to those viewing it in hopes that I’ll come out a little richer.  Breaking even is not what I have in mind.  If I don’t put my best foot forward, I might as well stay home.  I have a bigger vision for my life.  I’ve had mentors lead the way.  All  you’ve got to do is watch, listen and then follow in the foot steps.  If you are feeling a little blue about being in the hole right now with your artistic endeavors, just keep on pushing forward.  Remember, that you are the only one who can truly put yourself on the map.  If you do not know how, then find someone that will be your teacher.

The recession made me extremely creative on framing my art.  I would walk around  researching Home Depot and Lowes hardware for anything that made sense.  I found metal grids, plexi glass, and copper piping to hang the silk on.  My brother and I made me some unique hangers that truly made a statement.  I painted a piece I called “Geisha Gal” and I could not place it in the typical way.  The frame was as artistic as the piece.  Now, that’s art to me.


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