Ground Hog Day

I may sing, I may dance but I do not crawl on my belly like a reptile. It’s not that every day is creative for me.  At times, I feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day but I’d rather have my life than sitting at a desk all day, hating my job.  Everyone can choose what they want to do in their life.  I choose to be creative!

Today, I have an appointment for a color and design consultation.  I’m looking forward to this because the client likes contemporary decor mixed with an eclectic touch.  That is my design forte’, I believe.  Her condo is overlooking the ocean.  I’ll pick neutral colors most likely but will spice it up with ocean blues and brighter shades of her choice.

Also this week, I researched boutiques and spas to carry my wearable art, sang at our gig on Friday night at The Vintage Steakhouse in San Juan Capistrano, painted five large pieces of silk, photographed some finished pieces, created a video or two and babysat my grandson.  The last part is the toughest.  Just kidding.  My little Aidan is the best part of my week.

It’s my routine weekly. If I seem like I have a lot going on.  I do. You are probably thinking,  “Make up your mind, girl.”    How can I stop at one thing when I have such a versatile life?  I am grateful that I have skills.  I went to school for the design but the School of Hard Knocks taught me to use the natural talents I was born with.  Every time I strayed from my artistic bones in my body, I ended up falling off the wagon, so to speak.  I found out that I’m happiest when I’m creating, and I mean creating anything.  It could be design for a home, as simple as a greeting card, or a new piece of art which could be on paper, silk, canvas or a wall.  I love design and everything associated with it.  You’ll find in my writings that I’ll talk about fashion, interior design, art, and product design too.

If you ever feel like your day isn’t creative enough, just rent Ground Hog Day and you’ll be laughing in no time! If you can’t laugh at Bill, who can you laugh at?  He’s my favorite comedian.  He really rips me up.  People forget that being creative doesn’t have to come in the form of being artistic.  You could write, sing, garden, knit, sew, bake, shake, rock and roll. You must try and enjoy your life if you hate your job.  Choose to be creative at something, anything!




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