Pay it Forward

Tonight, my husband and I got in to a conversation that was not fun tonight.  It was one of those core issues that came up. We were talking about an old friend of his that I just find very Ego-Centered.   I rid those types of people from my inner circle and I can’t quite figure out why it would be important for him to keep this friend.  Everything turned out just fine as it always does.  He can keep the friend but I won’t be around.

I think the most important thing for me is that we must remember to approach life as if it were our last day.  How would you want to treat someone or be treated.  How do you want to show up in this world.  This particular person is over 60 years old and can’t figure out how to be appropriate. Ego’s just get in the way.

I have to admit, I have one too.  When I let it get in the way of my performing, I could see that I did not connect with the audience.  I hated that.  My job is to make people feel happy and I can only emote that if I’m being real.  If I do my job  with the confidence of working in sync with my musicians, then we are really making music.  We’re swingin’! It’s just a ball!  And, they everyone is having fun.

I was thinking about the idea of “Paying it Forward”.  Imagine the joy you’d get out of doing just that. Imagine, if you did it on a daily basis.  Then, break it down further and see if you can do it every moment.  Whew!  What a nice life you’d have.

We forget to think of others first because if is natural to be selfish. The average person will have many selfish moments.  The hard part is to recognize them and then change that behavior.


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