Color Cop


Have you ever wondered why people over 50 should not dress themselves?  I saw a woman today that made me want to call out the color cops.  You see, it is very hard for me to sit still on this subject because I’m an artist and have my own wearable art and  color consulting business.   I’m not a snob but I can’t resist this story.  Hear me out.

The woman I saw today was HAPPY!  She must have been wearing her favorite colors.  I watched her as she glimmered across the crosswalk with her “I’m dressed up and I’ve got it goin’ on!” attitude on.  She had on bright and I mean bright pink jeans with a turquoise t-shirt and tennis shoes to match.  Ok, she could have gotten away with that but what took me over the edge was the Disneyland shopping bag with Cinderella in Pink, Blue and Turquoise.  Aaaaaagh!

Haul me in if I ever dress this way!  I’m serious.  I know that there is a tendency to not care what you wear after a certain age if you are just going to the grocery store and such but this woman was struttin’.  I’m guilty too and I’ve taken a look in the mirror at times and said to myself, “No, Michele. You can’t go out looking like that.  You’re bound to run into someone you know when you least expect it.”

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention.  I want to give you my solution to this crazy wardrobe with one simple change.  I liked the pink jeans!  I just think if she had a white,  or gray t-shirt on, she could have pulled the rest of it off.  My next change would be to ditch that Disney bag.  I might not have paid so much attention to this happy gal if the colors weren’t blaring at me.

Bright colors are great together.  I love them. The colors she chose would be best in an home interior setting, not a walking color chart.   Here is one rule for all color schemes that works over and over and over.  This goes for clothing, art, interiors, exteriors, product design.  Add both warm and cool tones together to make it the most pleasing to the eye and mental state of mind.  If you have too many cool tones, you’ll feel cold or it will look too sweet.  A bit of warmth goes a long way.  Tans, Whites, blacks and Grays will give a break to the eye and you can get away with an array of vivid color.

But, who am I to determine what a happy person should wear?  She was having a good time.

I’m all for that!



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