Sleep Deprivation

My Mind at Night


I know many of you out there cannot sleep as I.  I’m lying here in bed trying to get some “shut-eye” and my brain won’t stop.  How many of you can relate?

When you are the creative type, it is difficult to shut off the brain.   It is good to brain storm and it’s a curse.  I’m actually typing with my eyes closed.  Now, is that absurd or what?  I just don’t know how to stop and relax.  I fiddle if I’m bored.  I pace if I’m stressed,  I clean if I’m procrastinating.  If I have some personal issues that are truly bothering me, I opt for thinking about creating a painting.  This helps me get back to me and my best work has come out of the toughest situations.

As I fade into the night oblivion, I wonder how many artists are lying at this same moment contemplating a new design, or are they blocked and frustrated.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  For me, if I research or happen upon another talented artist or photographer, it usually inspires me.  That is the time to have the sketch book by the bed.  I must go out and get a book light so I won’t wake hubby.  I hate it when I wake up in the morning and cannot remember one of the best lyrics or images I saw in my head.

I found some information on sleep deprivation that might create an urgency to turn out the lights a bit sooner each night.

1. “Sleep is needed to regenerate certain parts of the body, especially the brain, so that it may continue to function optimally. After periods of extended wakefulness or reduced sleep neurons may begin to malfunction, visibly effecting a person’s behavior. Some organs, such as muscles, are able to regenerate even when a person is not sleeping so long as they are resting. This could involve lying awake but relaxed within a quite environment. Even though cognitive functions might not seem necessary in this scenario the brain, especially the cerebral cortex, is not able to rest but rather remains semi-alert in a state of “quiet readiness” (2). Certain stages of sleep are needed for the regeneration of neurons within the cerebral cortex while other stages of sleep seem to be used for forming new memories and generating new synaptic connections. The effects of sleep deprivation on behavior have been tested with relation to the presence of activity in different sections of the cerebral cortex.”

I know some of my artistic friends will stay up all night.  I make it to about 12:00 or 1:00 but my bod shuts down and I’m finally paralyzed.  Then, I can sleep!

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