My Lunch with Sharon

How many people have friends for 40 to 60  years?  I do and I feel pretty special.  I have friends I’ve stayed in touch with since Kindergarten.  I think that’s amazing!

Today I had lunch with  Sharon. She and were models at Cole of California Swimwear in the 70’s.  In an earlier blog,  I talked about how we had to walk around half naked.  Sharon and I worked in different design rooms but we shared some of the same embarrassments.  After a few days, you got used to everyone tugging on you, sticking pins in you and gawking over you.  We found humor in all of it and became good friends right from the start. 

Today, she came over to meet my little grandson, Aidan and to catch up with me.   Little Aidan swept her away with all his flirting.  I’m a bit prejudice but I happen to think he’s pretty darn cute and very smart.  She recalled how adorable my own son was was back in the day when we were young kids ourselves.

What’s interesting to me is how we’ve stayed friends over so many years.  We even lost touch for awhile but low and behold!  Ten years later, we were both sitting in front of a large mirror, waiting for the aerobics instructor to arrive.  All of a sudden, both of us shrieked loud enough to break the glass.  You know how girls are?  They sound nutty when they haven’t seen each other for awhile. We picked right up where we left off.   We know more about each other than our Mom’s ever did.  That’s probably a good thing.  I think the reason for our long relationship is because we have so much in common.  The first thing that brought us together was our job as models.   Along with that, we’ve always taken the best care of ourselves and we’re holding up better than most.  We also love food although she’s a much better cook than I.  We do find that it is very artistic and self gratifying.  You can make a whole lot of people very happy with food.

Sharon and I also share the interior design talent.  It comes natural for us.  We like similar design themes although I’m the crazier one bending more on contemporary.  Sharon twists up her traditional side with a mix of Asian art and accessories which suggests a playful elegance.  I’m not Lady Gaga but I would love to create a very wild side of me in my own home.  I’m married to a very traditional man so I’ve got to keep it eclectic instead which satisfies my wild side.  Sharon and I  also have that crafty talent.  If we see something we like or we don’t want to pay full price for it, we’ll try and make it ourselves first.

The thing that I like best about my friend, is she is an incredible mother, possibly to a fault.  She’s spoiled her three boys although, she or I would never let our kids sit on their laurels as they all turned out great.  Sharon is also an amazing wife.  I’m sure her husband, Tom will agree with me on that one.  She spoils him more… as it should be.  We have the same ethics about family and our position.  We are soft around the edges but don’t pull too many punches on us or watch out!  We know what we want although we won’t let anyone walk all over us (any longer).  And, we love life and people.

When I think of the best buddies that have stuck with me through thick and thin, you really can count your best friends on one hand. I hope most of you out there have true blue friends and soul mates like I.  If so, you are a very lucky soul!  I certainly am.


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