Let Her Eat Cake!

I can’t stop my self! Someone help me!

I was recently telling a friend how distracted I can get with my own curse of being a creative type. I just can’t sit back when it comes to a special day for someone else.  I’ve got to make it pretty or exciting somehow.

For me, it’s so much fun! However, I can run amok doing my little “Martha Stewart” act and lose a day. I should have been working on my wearable art line, or sketching a new piece of art.  But, Noooooo! I just had to make a cake! Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to make the cake. I couldn’t stop there. I had to make sure the table was decorated and the packages were set just right around the table.  The floral arrangement didn’t look right so I made a display to raise it.

Do I sound anal?   This was truly fun but I just wonder why I put something like that first, instead of the money making.  I love it and most often the person I’m creating it for! This day was for my daughter-in-law.  She works very hard, takes very good care of my son and grandson.  She deserves alot more than I can give but this was the least I could do.  It is easy to do something special for someone you care for.

Aha, there’s another career for me. Maybe, I could be a party planner, table designer, or a cake designer,  a gift wrapper….. Aaagh! Like I said, someone stop me!  By the way, the cake was really good!


One thought on “Let Her Eat Cake!

  1. Don’t wonder why you do that. It is very simple it is just who you are. Always a giver always thinking of others and a way to bless them!!. That is just part of the gift you are! Savor the moment and enjoy your handy work. Just another expression of your “Artistic” Way coming out!! Looked yummy for sure!!

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