Starving Artists

Last weekend, I went to the LaQuinta Arts Festival in La Quinta, California in support of a  friend. I also went to see if it was a show that I would consider exhibiting my own art.
It was a very beautiful show, well run, the national guard was there helping with parking, the grounds are on the polo fields, the landscaping is surrounded by majestic purple mountains. Everything seemed perfect.  Can you picture that?
Now, can you picture all the forlorn faces on the artists after every person comes in to their booth, shines the most positive comments, bestows how they love the work  only to remove themselves and wish the artist luck. I spoke with a half a dozen of these talented artists to find out if it would be worth it for me to take on for a marketing strategy for myself next year.  After listening to them, I realized that this is not the time for me.  I will produce as much as I can but kick back and wait until some of the financial stress has worn itself away.
Then, tonight I realized how many are in the same depressed boat.  I feel that the word recession is a bunch of BS for politicians to hang on to as I speak with relatives, uncles, aunts, friends, and acquaintances as they share their sad moments, weeks, years.  Not many have bypassed this sad state we are all in.  I apologize for the pessimism at this moment but I’m getting mad enough about it to do something about it.  I’m worried about the closest people in my life.  Can we really let life get in the way of who we are?  Can we?  I think it’s hard not to… but how, can we rise above when so many are complaining about not being able to make the day?  Call it what you want, it is a depression of sorts.  We might not be sitting in a food line, “Oh please, let us not get to that point.  Lord above, help us dust off our knees, shoes, and look up proudly to remove bitterness, fear, scarcity, and most of all our self worth.  How can so many talented friends, and relatives of mine fear so much?
I wrote most of this blog after not being able to sleep because of my concerns for the artist that worked so hard.  Now that I read it back, I understand that there are many people who RISE ABOVE and think of other ways and means to succeed.  I don’t know if you’ve heard this before but when things are down must spend money on advertising.  We are lucky today to have this most incredible tool of the internet.  I am sure to get noticed at some point if I just keep keeping on.  And keep my chin up.
I happened upon Dr. Lori’s blog where she talks about the history of the “Starving Artist”.  A good read for buyers and artists alike.   We can all help each other and be the soul of the earth and move forward in harmony to create a better world.  I know it sounds really corny but we all know we can make a difference.  I know that I am responsible for my own little world that I live in.  I know my vision.  It is now time to create and then create some more.  Stay true to myself and know that the day will come when we can laugh about the past and celebrate the success.  I wish the same for all of you out there!

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