Starving Artist No More

Last blog I wrote about “Starving Artist”.   Today, I’m writing about my success as an artist that has never hit the big time but starting to receive attention.  This past year, I’ve been fortunate to sell some of my favorite pieces of art.  They were displayed at a very exclusive restaurant in Newport Beach, California called Traditions by Pascal.   I sold two pieces on exhibition night and then they sat dormat for several months.  Starving no more!  In the past two months, I’ve sold four great pieces that I would not have a problem holding on to myself.  Actually, one very smart waiter who realized my offer for a percentage of sales, sold them.  Thanks to Tony!  Thanks to Pascal!  Love you!

If you are a famous artist, you are fortunate.  People will rush in on the opening night to put their money down.  If you are not, you’ve got to prove your worth. I think it is harder at outdoor events.  It always seems like a swap meet to me.  If I feel that way, I think others might have that same attitude and look for a steal instead of a lovely piece of art for their home.  Maybe I’m wrong and it’s a numbers game.  In my case, it took my customers several dining experiences at the restaurant where they sat underneath my art.  “You’re work improved the environment of the restaurant from the previous decor”, a client told me.  Another exclaimed how they collected art from places they held their best memories. .  Pascal’s was one place they loved to dine.   They did not purchase the first time.  They went back time and again.  Eventually, they bought.  Familiarity, good feelings, inspiration, what have you, to each is own.  People are moved, or they are not but you cannot push them to buy something. 

For all artists I’d like to say, “Think out of the box!”   Read this great blog I found by a new mentor in my collection,  Dustin M Wax.  His slogan is, “Photographer, curator, museumist, and all around art booster.  How great is that?  He’ll give you some ideas.  I love the one about taking a shower if you are blocked.  That is so perfect for me as I do most of my creative thinking in the pool or shower.  It’s true about water.

So get out there, be seen in the world.  Make it happen!  Create exhibitions in your home, places you feel comfortable exhibiting, online, networking in groups of people and always know there is someone who will just love your work.


4 thoughts on “Starving Artist No More

  1. So happy that you believe in yourself, put your wonderful work out there and has raised your vibration to a level when this course of events became possible! Keep going this way!

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