Inspired Again!

EDWARD LENTSCH Defining Synectics - 2007 mixed media on canvas 100 x 80 inches (254 x 203 cm)


Wow!  What an amazing art exhibit I saw this weekend!  I mean it!    It was not the street fair although that is very nice, it was the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.  I went with the intention of finding a gallery or two that would be fitting for me to submit my work to in the near future.  That became such a mute meaning for me once I stepped inside the walls of the convention center.

I found inspiration!

We don’t find inspiration on a daily basis.  We get blocked at moments yet I think it is very important for all creative types to research what is happening in the world today.  We all are inspired by others no matter who we are.  It doesn’t mean we have to copy or imitate a body of work.  For me, it shows that there are so many talents yet we all have our identity.  There might be similar characteristics in style or medium but I do believe that everyone has their own hand and when you let that hand of yours fly, you can create any type of masterpiece you want.

My art paralleled with some of the talent I saw.  Possibly, I would qualify to stand next to some of these artists.  I just need money to present the work.  That is key!  The other thing is marketing.  Hence, my goal for this year is to create that budget.  Maybe, I’ve finally realized that my medium has arrived and I can leave that “fear of success” syndrome behind.

So, I collected a few cards and names but I was more excited about producing. Before I went to the exhibit, I was working on a wearable art piece for a customer.  I let it be to dry while I took off for my daily excursion. When I returned I checked on the piece and found something very amazing.  It had such interesting detail that seemed like “magic rocks”.  That is why I chose to paint on silk because you never know what you are going to get if you are doing abstracts.  The best part about this whole thing is that I created it before I went to the show and came back so pumped with inspiration.  I came to the conclusion that if I framed this particular yardage, it would stand tall next to art in this show.

I saw no silk painters but I did see many water colorists.  The medium is the same.  I realized there was nothing similar to my work and that was the biggest inspiration for me.  I could be unique and create a name for myself.  If I sound very egotistical right now, forgive me, I merely want to say that there is room for the rest of us.  I finally feel my art is of age after working since the early 80’s.    Now, all I’ve got to do is go a few steps farther.  Yes, many steps to get there but I will take them one at a time. I’m ready!

I’d like to mention the artists that knocked my socks off.  My favorite artist is Edward Lentsch who is pictured above.  The photography does no justice to the insane amount of paint on his work.  You stand back and you think you are looking at a mountain rock.  You get up close and you see depth that draws you so close, you want to touch but you dare not.  If I had the money, I would buy his work today.  Also Jim Dine, Paul Jenkins,  Ray Turner (always), Jylilan Gustlin, and Eric Fischl.  There was also tremendous photography and other talents but these are the ones that stopped me in my tracks.


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