I Hate Plaid

I take that back.  I use to hate plaid until I got in the world of interior design.  Your influences change.  I also hated window coverings because I thought you should let the outdoors in.  I love bare glass.  That’s all fine and good but living in a fish bowl doesn’t work for everyone especially if you like privacy.

Plaid was the same way for me.  I like it in small doses myself.  I like the Pendleton plaid my son wears or the baggy shorts you see on guys.  I have to be honest, I like black and white plaid most of all.  In fact, I had a couch back in the 70’s that was pretty cool.  Things always come back around.

My intention for this piece of silk was to create the most unique fabric that anyone would wear.  I let my brush take me where it wanted to go.  I started painting stripes in various shades of purple and green. It was cool but it just wasn’t doing it for me yet.  So, I kept going and low and behold, I created a huge plaid design.  It’s crazy looking.  The more I looked at it, I thought it should be one big piece of art.  I can see it over a very modern black or gray sofa.

That is the best part of painting textiles.  You have no limitations.  I have a new brainstorm brewing that will be very interesting.  I’m going to need a lot of silk but if I can pull it off, it will be a very nice story.


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