Sciatica or No Sciatica? That is the question.

You may think this is an odd subject to speak about but any artist who suffers from sciatica pain, knows that it zaps your energy.  How does one feel like creating when your hip and knees hurt?  It isn’t much fun and usually I’m icing my body soon after a silk painting session.

Today, I’m exhilarated and wanted to share my good news with everyone out there.  I found a self healing method that has restored my self esteem and cleared my depression over what I thought was no turning back.  I’m a feisty one and not one to sit down.  I’ve always been a self-help guru, a personal trainer and I eat good food.  I was completely sickened by the thought that I might be afflicted with pain the rest of my life.  I passed if off as my old back injury, inheriting my mother’s scoliosis and aging. I couldn’t bear to get old now.  Not now!  I’m just getting started.  I felt old.

OK, I won’t keep you in suspense.  It is the Egosque Method.  If you are in pain, and have symptoms of sciatica, back pain, etc, etc, get Pete Egosque’s books.  If you are not in pain but you care about your life and your children’s health, I suggest it for anyone.  I had this book for over 20 years and I held on to it.  My dear uncle came all the way out from Syracuse, NY to see what this clinic was all about.  I never knew he was in pain.  He was the most amazing man, racing catamaran’s, golfing and loving life.  He must have been concerned enough about it to take me all the way to the clinic in San Diego.  He purchased two books for me.  One for me and one to give to my mother.   We both never read the book.  You see, I broke my back when I was 17 but recovered wonderfully because I was young.  I also became the fitness queen for about 12 years of my life and I felt fine.

Speed the film reel up now to 2009.  That is when I really started noticing a change in my back.  Was it my injury now just kicking in?  Possibly, or was it the stress of this lovely recession we’ve been in for the last three years or more?  Was it just walking incorrectly or too much training and my cartilage is breaking down?  All of the above but tie it together with a change in life, moving, and not actually moving like I use to.  I’ve spent several months going to a chiropractor, doing some yoga, and swimming.  It just wasn’t cutting it.

Low and behold, I’m not tolerating this very well.  I call a friend who had sciatica and asked her if she was still having problems.  I was paranoid this would be my way of life.  She told me that she had switched her chiropractor and went down to the Egosque clinic.  Since it was a bit to drive, she found one of their skilled trainers in Orange County.  She put her on the right track after suffering from sciatica for 10 years..  She no longer has pain.  Was I was relieved to hear that.

So, I called her gal.  It’s not too expensive but I put off the appointment with her for a couple of weeks.  I started reading the book.  Instantly, it all made sense.  Non movement or the wrong type of movement and posture over years can really do some damage.  What if Mr. Egosque told you that you can reverse it and you can grow cartilage back.  Would you be excited and willing to do the exercises? What if you encouraged your children to the proper posture and exercise routine when they were young?  It would be very interesting to see.

I was desperate so I’m working very hard on this ol’ bod.  Guess what?  I walked about two miles today.  That might not seem like much but for those in pain, you understand what I mean.  Hooray and Hallelujah!  I’m walking better, straighter and not limping!  However, you can overdo it so you’ve got to follow the step by step plan or you’ll re-traumatize the areas your hurting.

I’m too young to get old.  Ya, hear me!  It’s all up to us to take control of every area of our life and not wait for someone to say, “You just need surgery”.  I was told that back in 2006 and almost spit in the doctors face.  I opted for physical therapy and worked myself out of the trouble back then and I’m doing it now.  I may not get to 100% but I’m gonna try like hell!


2 thoughts on “Sciatica or No Sciatica? That is the question.

  1. I don’t want to say that it’s easy. It’s not and the growth is slow but if he’s committed, he will see a change right away. Key thing, do not overdue it or not do enough. Best to work with someone who knows the method but if he’s worked out before, he’ll know how. I was a trainer so I’m aware of some of these movements. I wish him luck!

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