As Good As It Gets

“As Good as it Gets” is one of my most favorite movies of all time.  The best part is when Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt the weirdest but the greatest compliment.  Here it is if you want to  listen to it!

It’s the funniest and most heartfelt Jack Nicholson has ever been, I believe.  I also love the part when the the gay artist, Greg Kinnear sketches Helen while she takes a bath.  You see he lost all his ambition when he was beat up by some radicals.  He did not paint for months, was completely distraught, depressed and broke.  Helen’s beauty sitting by the tub inflamed a tremendous moment of inspiration.  The artist confidence restored.

Sometimes, that is all it takes for an artist.  We need to get out in the world more often, like I did a few weeks back to see the art exhibit in Palm Desert, California.  We are visual people and if we see the same thing day in and day out…we’ll get stale. This info is not just for artist but let’s just say…you sit at your same desk day after day.  If your job is not inspiring enough to keep you there, you’ll need a distraction, a hobby, an escape.  So, when you are feeling down and blue… just get out of your current environment and look around, go for a walk, see a movie, talk to a mentor….but whatever don’t get stuck.  If you fall down, just get up and dust yourself off!.  Move! Laugh!  Force yourself to…or just watch a comedy!


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