No Wedding Blues Here.

There won’t be any wedding blues at this wedding.  Nope, in fact… it will be all in accents of deep russet to the palest of peach.  Why?  Because the bride is getting married in Sedona, Arizona and she wanted her floor length dress to be inspired by the mountains there.

I painted fabric til the cows came home.  I’m exhausted but I’m thrilled at the result after painting almost twelve yards. The dress pattern is a vintage style, much like the old prom dresses with a beautiful halter top.  It required a tremendous amount of yardage.  I added a couple extra sheets because I wanted to make sure all the values would match up at the seams.   The tones were blended softly and that was a task of it’s own due to my normal abstract behavior when painting.   This was new to my crazy hand.  I had to get in to a calm state of mind and take my time on each sheet of crepe de chine. I did not want to waste my time or fabric.  I’ll be shipping it all out this next week and will be anxiously waiting for her reply after she unfolds the soft array of texture.  I don’t think she’ll be needing a blue garter…. well, maybe that would be a nice hidden accent underneath it all.


4 thoughts on “No Wedding Blues Here.

  1. Here is what my client said after receiving the fabric:

    “Just received. GORGEOUS MICHELE!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    Can’t wait to meet with Rosie and strategize the pattern lay out. I’m sure there will be plenty of fabric. And you really did such a lovely job.

    The tones are perfect and any “imperfections” just make it what it is… a unique, gorgeous, piece of ART!

    THANK YOU!!!”

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