Angel Buddy

I don’t write about music on my this blog often enough.  It happens to be my other passion.   I guess I felt I might have  confused all of you out there.  The fact is, I think that art and music go hand in hand and usually artist  have another creative side.

I was thinking of Buddy Collette  this morning and a tear came to my eye.  I always called him, “Angel Buddy”  because he was a big mentor for me when it came to singing. The first time I saw him was in a small jazz club in Santa Barbara.  When I walked in to the room, this amazing jazz group was playing.  I actually saw an aura around Buddy and after I spoke with him for a bit, I realized he truly was an angel.  He has a history of being a mentor to the jazz world.

The best advice he gave me after listening to me was “Be yourself, don’t try and be no one else – let your own self shine through”.  I swear, my demeanor  changed and I actually started singing and having a blast  for the first time.  Before that, I was always a bit nervous, not self assured.  So, when in doubt, talk to a mentor.

Take a listen while you’re reading more about my Angel.



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