Power Ties

Power ties.  What are they?  One look at Michael Douglas, I’d say he had the power, wouldn’t you?  If looks could kill, he’s the winner in that department.  Of course, it helps when you are an actor.  But if you are not…how are you gonna get through that tough meeting with the board of directors, your boss, your first impression?  They say Red is the best power statement, then Yellow.  I think men are truly sexy in ties.  They may be uncomfortable to wear but not much worse than a women wearing stockings.  Fashion trends come and go and there seems to be a move away from ties but not so much in the corporate world.  The ties I create would be pretty intense for corporate. Maybe, maybe not.  I could deliver a sophisticated tie with bold colors and make a heck of a statement.  The cool thing about one-of-a-kind clothing it stands out among the crowd. Hence you get noticed and it opens a door, a conversation, a deal.  So, the next time you think, “I don’t want to wear a tie.”  Think again.  Would it be appropriate to or not to?  Would it be so cool to do so?  Would you look incredible and sexy?  You betcha!

If you’re looking for something unique.  I’d love to create it for you!  You handsome devil, you!


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