“Ann Margaret – Thirteen Men”

This morning I’m getting my day started while listening to the Martini station on the TV.  If you don’t feel like cleaning house,  may I suggest you put on some music that will life your spirits.  What started my motor running was the old tune from the Beatles called, “I wanna hold your hand”.  I started laughing because I never heard it played via elevator or martini style.  It cracked me up and immediately brought back  memories which took me way back to my school days.  This station is so darn corny.  But you gotta love it when they play Ann Margaret’s, “Thirteen Men” .  This video is pretty wild for it’s day.

Now, I’m listening to Jimmy Dorsey’s version of  “So Rare“.  Wow, sexy sax!  That could put a twist in the day if my husband were home.  Now, I’m really laughing at myself.  Music is good and I’m going to have a great day!  How about you?





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