Two Cuties in Two Tunics

These two cuties are wearing my most recent custom tunics.  They both wanted something unique to their personality. Suzanne wanted fleur de lis’ on her tunic. Joanie had  a floral in mind with specific colors. When I work, I take the information from the client, process it in my designer head and paint a way. Well, sort of.  I do a little more planning than that.  I might do a sketch first for the idea, test a sample piece of silk and show the concept to the client.  I know these ladies would have been happy with just about anything but I think it’s important to grasp what’s inside their minds so they are thrilled with the end result.

The floral piece took a bit more planning because I wanted to make sure the rosette flower did not sit over her chi-chi but carefully placed above it and the other flower near the waist on the other side.  To add more magenta accents, I added rose ribbons on the arms.  On Suzanne’s blue top, I added rhinestone grommets and gold french crowns for the tassels.

If you know someone who needs something unique for a special day whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, party, or just for every day, I’d love to create that one-of-a-kind piece for them.  Maybe, it’s you!!


7 thoughts on “Two Cuties in Two Tunics

  1. Hi! Michele, I love your work, and recently won the Bid at our Silver Slipper Scholarship Fundraiser. I purchased your lovely hand painted purse, and generously gave the gift to a lovely young woman Miriam. She just loved the purse so much and was amazed at the artwork, and the fact that it was silk. We love you! and your Amazing Artwork!! It has been a blessing to get to know you, and to know you is to love you! Blessings, Nancy Carol

    • Oh my Nancy! “back at you!”
      You have been one of my biggest supporters!
      You made my day so many times. It makes an artist feel all the hard work is worth it when someone appreciates our talents. I know I speak for all artists. I’m very fortunate to know you as well.
      Thank you Nancy!

  2. I love my new tunic! It so beautiful, comfortable and it’s like wearing a piece of art. I have received so many nice complements when I have it on. Michele you are such a talented artist. Thank you so much for sharing your art with me.

    • Hey Laura,
      Thanks so much for your comments. I’d love it if you put that on my new Testimonial Page. See it at the top. I just created the page.
      Why don’y you come to the Vhs Friday?

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