Staying Focused

Some days it is just hard to stay focused.  The older I get, I find it to be more often than not.  For an artist, this is devastating because we already have to channel or energy in the right spot.  For me, if I don’t write out my weekly, monthly, yearly plans….I get lost.   Today, is a good example.  I’m finding that I’ve got to pay bills and then an email pops up. I’ve never learned perfect skills of time management so it’s forced.

The best thing for me is to use my handy dandy notebook which my son encouraged me to use.  Ok, so he saw the “AAAD” kick in awhile ago and was trying to help his ol’ mom out.  It works actually.  When I stop using it…not good.

May I recommend to all of you creative types to try and do the same.  Otherwise, we just get bored, bummed, frustrated and so on.  I think this speaks to everyone actually but artist’s struggle a bit more.  Right now, I’m struggling on finding some item to make bread and butter money on.  i know that marketing is the key once I’ve got it worked out.  But, what artist wants to do that.  When I’m bucks up again, … soon, I should add, I’ll pay someone to assist me on this marketing stuff.

Write now, you just have me and I hope I have some fun things to see and talk about once in awhile.  Otherwise, I’m just blogging away to make some sense of what I’m doing in this life.

Ok, now I’ve got to go off to the store, come back and think about something better to write about.


6 thoughts on “Staying Focused

  1. MM – if you are looking for a bread-and-butter product or service, I recommend you pick up a copy of The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau: published by Crown Business. Focusing on “convergence” between you (the entrepreneur) and the market is particularly enlightening. Great book and a must read! Go girl…

  2. My brother-inlaw is here and we just watched this and got a good laugh! He said the same thing, “Is she talking to me?” Gotta say how true how true!! Just started this book recently called “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter. Thought it might be to dry and too technical but have found it very inlightening. It does all come down to consistency in the end I think.
    Thanks Michele

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