Fat Chic

Once in awhile, I’ve just got to bake.  I used to bake every week.  I would make simple breads like Beer, Banana, Zuchinni, Seeded, Poppyseed and more.  I also would make chocolate chip cookies all the time.  I had to stop because my metabolism just won’t drop the pounds like I use to.  Not to mention, I do not want to eat as much sugar as way back then.  I think everything is OK in moderation but one holiday, birthday or special occasion just rolls right in to one another.  I have narrowed the list to Christmas and special occassions and no weekly baking.

However, this week was a very special week. I made brownies out of the box for my grandson’s Two Year birthday.  He loves cars and trucks as any boy might be. Of course, most of his gifts were as such but I thought I would create a cake for him.  He had a hard time keeping his hands out of it before we lit the one candle.

The previous week, I made a cake for my son and his wife’s anniversary.  It was a quick banana cake with lots of orange extract and orange peel zest on the icing.  I did not have any fancy tools so I just found some backyard flowers and cookie letters are from Trader Joes.  I love to do this stuff but that’s it for quite some time as I ate enough of the icing to make myself gain about three pounds.  Yikes!  Drink water, lots and lots of water and you might get lucky and shed them right away, Michele!!!


2 thoughts on “Fat Chic

    • You’ve got to be kidding, compared to your work! Your the talented one!
      I dare you to copy the cakes and we’ll see how much better you are than I when it comes to decorating.
      Great work! Love it!

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