I’m a Mess!

Is this a mess or what?  I’m not sure about my art most of the time.  When I finished this, I thought…..”You’d better get a new career, girl!”  But, after I steamed the silk and I took a photo of it, I had a different perspective on it.  I saw some of the movement in it and I liked that part.  I’m still not sure if anyone else would like it. It might take a great frame job to pull it off.  Art is subjective, right?


6 thoughts on “I’m a Mess!

    • No kidding! I always wonder if people are just being nice about my art but your words speak the truth and I appreciate that! Thanks much. It’s good to know what people like but mostly I’m interested in what people want. What would you want to display in your home for art? Honesty, helps me even though I know that art is so subjective to each and every person.

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