Virtual Assistant Needed!

I think it’s time to delegate.  I can’t do it all and how can someone do it possibly better than I?  I’m afraid of taking the time to demostrate, instruct, and hope that someone can get inside my head.  I know I”m not alone so what does one give up so they can move upward and forward rather than stagnated in tedious tasks. The truth is because I spread myself so thin, my work suffers and then I fall in to an artist’s block. You’ve got to have time to cook a great dinner, right? I’m pretty good about whipping up a meal out of nothing but my husband will notice the difference on food that is made with love.

I’m reading a great book that a mentor friend of mine suggested to read so I’m looking at ways to cut back.  How?  What? When? Where?  Ok, it’s not that hard, Michele.  Figure it out! Take a breath, write down all the ways you can save time and yes…. delegate.

The first area for me is always paperwork.  It’s a bigger task for me to hand it off in an organized manner. But, isn’t that just the point. Give it to someone to assist you. I just have a difficult time giving someone things so personal. And, yet….who would that be that I could trust with my life?  Not sure about that one but I’ll figure it out.  I don’t want to burden my accountant with miscellaneous stuff but I’m going to find someone to just organize my system.

A housekeeper would be the ultimate but I cannot justify it on the way the economy is going. However, while she is slaving away on my floors and toilets, I could be painting or blogging away, right?  The next job I’d like to hand off is doing the final tasks for my silks. Normally, I would finish all seven steps to finalize the silk painting process. I don’t need an artist but someone who needs a job, any job. This is not my favorite part of the work and I could concentrate on the fun stuff.  I think I’ll start with the housekeeper to free up some time to paint and earn some moo-lah.  Then I could have some extra bucks to find the next assistant!  Sounds like a good idea to me, what do you all think?


4 thoughts on “Virtual Assistant Needed!

  1. Congratulations Shelly! Realizing you could use some help is the first step. Many people come to this realization but never reach out because of fear or feeling as if they do not deserve it. Virtual Assistants are great resources and not nearly as expensive as hiring an on-sit assistant. Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any way.

    • Yes, it’s clear in my mind that it is necessary to improve all areas of your life. I think I deserve it for sure, I’ve worked hard most of my life and considering which areas I want to free up first.Housekeeping is definately high priority as I can use my talents to create more revenue. Next, I’ll look in to the next step. Thanks for your info. I’ll check it out!

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