White Wedding or not?

Do you remember the song, “White Wedding” by Billy Idol?  When you view the original video it seems is a bit Satanic but I still loved watching him.  I know there are all kinds of crazy wedding ideas out there like folks tying the knot while they are jumping out of planes, baring no clothing for all the viewers, and getting married in a cage while sharks circled them.  Now, that’s just weird!

What isn’t weird is that not everyone wants to wear white at their wedding.  Maybe this is your second wedding but did not have a special event at your first one and you want to do it right this time. I found this gorgeous dress with the red train from Light in the Box. This is a great solution and you could get away with it. It’s not all white, right? It’s spectacular! That’s what it is.

I know there are those looking for something unique but wacky weddings I’m not interested in. I’ve had the opportunities to design and paint a couple of dresses that I am very proud of. The dress below was created for a tropical wedding in Hawaii. I painted the large train-like bow with symbolism of the islands. The volcano represents the tough time a marriage can have and of course the palm tree and shells on the beach represent the calmer side. When the knot in the train is tied together, it represents the commitment. Sorry, you can’t just get a divorce just because the weather is bad today. You’re in it for the long haul. To me, that is marriage.

I loved the cobalt blue satin with gold gilding and when I found the Fascinator hat I knew I had a winner.  You could wear the typical wedding lei around the neck, but I couldn’t picture it with the hat so I commissioned the necklace and earrings from a talented friend of mine.  Her line is called Designs by Joan Marie.  You can always pick something out of a department store or local jeweler but wouldn’t it be so invigorating to know that everything you are wearing is custom-made just for you for your special day?

You might be asking “How can I get that when I live in Osh Gosh, By Gosh and the designer resides in California? It’s actually simple. You find the pattern that you want at a local fabric store. If you can’t find exactly what you want, I’m sure it can be modified by a very talented seamstress who has design skills. That is exactly how I created this dress. I found the pattern and then the wisest old woman seamstress advertising in a Pennysaver ad. She used to be a shirt maker for years so I knew she had to be precise. It’s easier today with google and search engines. Let’s say you’ve found the famous designer dress that you could never afford but you must have it or you’ll just die!   Now you can search for a pattern maker or seamstress if you can’t find one by word of mouth.  Show her the sketch, photo or pattern to get the project started.

A mock-up dress can be sewn in scrap material like a muslin for the first fitting. Once the fitting has been perfected, the new fabric can be cut. If you want it to be hand painted you can send your idea to the artist of your choice (hopefully me) and takes it to the nest step of sketching out your dress for approval.  You can see more about that in a previous blog, called The Perfect Wedding Love Story. You can see how close the dress came out with the pattern yet the seamstress created some unique braiding to add dimension. Obviously, Rosie, the seamstress knows what she’s doing.









ere we have two brides but two completely unique dresses fit to their personality and style. What will my next custom wedding dress look like?  It’s up to me to interpret one’s wishes to make them happy and elated to wear something unique. I just love doing this and can’t wait until the next commission.

Photography – Peach Dress/www.AndrewHolman.com

Photography – Blue Dress/ Michele Morgan



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