Homeless Children


Today, I saw one of the saddest things I’ve seen in my life. I actually sobbed uncontrollably after viewing a young child on the street. Yes, he was a mere child of ten or eleven years old. He was trying to collect up all the laundry he had dropped. He had large blankets that he was using to haul it along with the two bigs containers of soaps. I stopped my car and rolled my window down to ask him if I could help. He reacted quickly to say, “No not today, thank you!”

Instantly, I realized that his mother must have told him never to let a stranger help you, never get in a car and just move on. Maybe she instructed him to be proud. My mind just wanted to know where she was. Was she sick, a drug addick, deceased? Does he have too many sibblings at home for her to take care of?  What are circumstances in his parents life that led him to be the adult at ten years old. I so wanted to help and I could not interfere. I drove away crying like I’ve not cried in awhile.  I thanked God for all that I have in my life and realized that very moment once again how lucky I am.

Earlier in the day I gave some change to another homeless soul but that is commonplace here in the big city of Long Beach but nothing could have prepared me for seeing this child. I drove off. Why did I not ask him again? Why did I let him drag his clothes along the street? Why didn’t I park my car, get out and tell him I would only help him carry them to where he was going.  Maybe, I’ll see him again. I almost hope I do not as I don’t know what I can do but to give money. There’s more to helping people and most of it would be emotial rescue.

At this time in my life, I’m babysitting my grandchild. I know this is a good contribution to his life as well as the biggest gift in mine. I intend to be a support to him and my son and daughter in law for as long as they need me. But, if I see that child again, I must find a way to help. We must all keep this in mind for our daily lives. If you see anything like this, please take the time to figure out just how you can help.


2 thoughts on “Homeless Children

  1. What is happening to our country? This is America. We shouldn’t have this problem. I understand drug addicts on the street, not that I like it, but I understand that some of them choose to live on the street. But a child? In America?

  2. Unfortunately, there are too many. I’m so upset and if I weren’t babysitting my grandson weekly, I would dedicate time to helping this situation. The main thing is to really look at what’s going on and read, read, read about the politicians and make a smart choice for our nation.

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