Working for a Living

Are we all working for a living? I certainly feel like I am.  At moments, I feel like I would trade Huey Lewis’s job instead of multi tasking myself to death. I’m not complaining, it’s just that my craft is so time consuming that sometines I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Will I be recognized in the world of fashion and art?  Only I can make it so. To finish up details on each new piece seems overwhelming at times.  Just painting the silk, then all the steps to finish, clean, photograph, upload to computer, upload to my wearable art site and art site…seems like it’s never ever ending, blog and social network. If you have a real job out in the corporate world, just remember if you wanna be an entreprneur, you’ll be working 9-11PM.

I do have a nice diversion on two days of my week. My grandson! There’s my peace. I’m still working though!! You bet I am! I’m getting in shape so I can run after him, he’s gaining speed.


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