What’s Happening in My World of Fashion

It’s a fast pace we live in. It’s amazing how technology keeps blowing us away. There are many other areas in full speed that make the world spin. Fashion is a thing in life that we seem to be drawn to. I’ve been told to follow or be ahead of the fashionistas. I just do what I do although I seek inspiration from thumbing through fashion pages.

I’d love receiving compliments for my work but I would appreciate oppinions as well. I usually hear,  “You’re work is beautiful” which makes me feel great. I’d also love oppinions such as “I love your work and I could see you standing next to the big designers. Have you seen what they are doing lately?”  I’d say, “Which designers are you talking about that rock your boat?”

Would I follow your advise, maybe, possibly? Most likely and add my own twist on it, make it my own.  I would definately not follow the exact trend. I do not want to feel like I’m ripping-off someone however, I am inspired by designers all over the world.

Christian Dior always turns head with the classic but unique style especially since they’ve added a line from Raf Simmons. I’m completely in love with this guy’s work. I love the layering of sheers on top of a classic jacket or dress. He’s sensationally creative. I prefer the clean minimalism rather than the 1970’s looks from Chanel and Yves St. Laurent. That’s not something I would do, I like things that flow or are very tailored.

 A new british designer  for Chloe is Clare Waight as shown below.  Between these two, I can see myself immitating some of this work in my silk. My head is spinning now with ideas.  Currently, I’m working on inventory for the holidays as well as working on tunics for Spring season coming up. Yes, before you know it, Christmas will be over and we’ll be thinking of warmer weather again.
If you could spend a few thousand dollars on clothing, which designer’s line would you blow every penny on?

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