What is your favorite Christmas Gift?



I’m still trying to get in to more of the spirit but I’m rushing around getting gifts in the mail.  I know that I’ll need to do some baking also before the end of the week. I usually make candies filled with liqueurs and brandy in a milk chocolate center.   I also take time to make Christmas ornaments every year and I have to say that I’m way behind schedule.  I made a bunch like you see above last year and a woman bought all of them.  I guess I’d better get with it, huh?

I don’t ever duplicate my ornaments and I’ve got a bit of artist’s block. I guess it’s time to visit the closest craft store to get inspired. I’ll keep you posted on what transpires in the next few days but I’m feeling squished for time.  I remember the time when I made absolutely everything. My favorite thing to do is to decorate the box or basket. It must be festive or personal.   I know I’ll be giving away some of my hand painted scarves but not sure I’ll have time for much more.  Will my inspiration hit me the night before….it usually does but I really want to sleep and wake up feeling good this year.  Christmas morning with a great cup of JO and a bite of my candy is awesome way to start!

What’s your favorite thing you love to do for Christmas?


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