Free Scarf Contest!


FREE! Yup, someone will get this scarf.  How? The first person who answers the question below in this blog, will win.  It’s that easy!

It might take a few minutes of your time but it will be help me analyze my shop. I need to know what it needs, how people view it and what it would take to create more sales. If you are a close friend, I do not need to know how great my shop is. I need honest feedback and don’t worry about if you think something sucks. I need to know. You’ll be doing me a big favor.  It’s my New Year’s Resolution to really get this shop off the ground.

To get started please review the questions below and go to my shop link: Then, come back to the comment area and number your answers. I’ll need a way to get a hold of the winner. I’ll let you know in the comment area and you can email me your information. Don’t worry, I won’t be emailing you constantly. This is a gift for your gift. OK, let’s get started.

1.  What is your first impression of my SilkEscape shop?  What is your immediate response to improve it?

2.  How easy is it to navigate through the products?  Can you tell me what you experienced?

3.  The items are listed by item name and price, custom orders, wedding, resort and tote bags.  Does this work for you?  If not, how do you search for items online?

4.  There is also a bio page which also describes my shop. You can click on my name, Michele Morgan which will take you there.  Can you read that and let me know how I can entice someone to stay and shop?

5.  How do you feel about the pricing of the shop.

Ok, I think those are the main questions necessary to get the shop off to a better start this year.  I’ll have another contest coming up in the next month to  see how well I listened to your advice.  Thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “Free Scarf Contest!

  1. Hi Shelly!
    I’ll take a look at it and give you the feedback you need tonight! Then we can talk about things. Happy New Year and hope you get good feedback from everybody!

  2. Hey You! You know I’ll be brutally honest with you…as we are with each other. I don’t need the scarf…HA!!! I didn’t go through the entire area. Don’t have time right now, but I will. Initially, the header, at the top of the page, isn’t strong enough. The 1 little swoop doesn’t entice me to want to go further. I want something to reach out and GRAB me…to invite me to come in and browse. Something bigger and bolder…so far, that’s it. Let me ask…do you have to follow a certain page set-up? If not, try using a different and more edgy page instead of just listing item after item. Can you do that? Hope this helps a little…

  3. Hey Marty,
    You can aways give the scarf away but….I’ll need you to finish the survey! Ha/!
    Etsy has one page style only, one day I’ll have a page here where you can shop but I cannot do that just yet…still limited on funds because I’ll be bringing in the bag line.
    Thank you for your input on the logo. I have some ideas about it.

    Does this page here seem edge enough? Morgancreations, not the etsy page.?

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