Uncomfortable Artist

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In a past blog or two, I’ve talked about losing my focus. My dreams seem to slip away at moments but I eventually wake up from my poor pitiful self and regroup. I get back on the road to success but usually with the whack on the side of the head first.  How many of you creatives out there have the same problem?  Is it because an artists tends to create too many things?  Or, are we doing too little because we’re stifled?

Last night I went to the first meeting to a  Mastermind Group for the Creative Business Mind. It’s just the shot I needed. Six of us shared our personal stories of trials and tribulations which boiled down to fear and money. Why do we fear success?  What is fear anyway?  One of the guys in the group quoted someone by saying. Fear – “Fraud – not doing it right”.  I’m so guilty.  Are you?

This may sound weird but we got juice from each other’s woes. No, we didn’t get juiced although I had a glass of wine which helped us kill the edge of baring our souls to each other. Woes and Souls – that’s it!  That’s a connection we begin with but I don’t think it’s the outcome we’re reaching for? It certainly did not go for a Pity Party and I don’t think anyone else did either. Quite the opposite!  It’s inspiring to hear from those who are facing the same fears but making headway inch by inch. Some are leaping into fast gear with the same fears but going for it. I read in the Power of Focus book this saying, “You will always learn more about life and your capacity to succeed when you are UNCOMFORTABLE.”  This is something I’m going to write on my mirror to look at daily.

Last year, I was involved with another Mastermind group and it helped me considerably. I know I need to be obligated to “Show Up!”  Otherwise, I might be tossing up my ideas in the air and wondering which one to do first. I actually made some markable but not remarkable progress. This year I want to triple the progress as well as more money in my pocket.  If I’m in motion, I feel terrific!  If I’m way behind in schedule, that may be overwhelming at moments and painfully so, but I’d rather have more art projects sitting on my plate and not my ol’ rumpus. Afterall, it’s not the money that I’m always looking at while I’m creating. So, why should something like MONEY be a problem for us. We fear we’ll fall, fail, look stupid, not good enough, etc. People get stuck and keep a job they don’t love, a client they can’t stand, or micro manage stupid schedules they made up moment by moment.

Some of our fears lie deep down inside but we’re not aware of it all. We just see ourselves spinning in action but to no avail or it’s no exactly where we want to be. I’ve decided that I want to make progress without worrying about the money and the time clock. We’ve just got to remember to be true to ourselves and love every minute of our challenges. We must keep creating because it gives us the most joy and out of that….the money will come. As they say, “Build it and it will come.”  I believe that.

Sounds easy, right?  It’s easier for me if I’m doing-my-thing, my art, my life the way I dream it.  I’m so much happier.  I’m content with that.  Ok, everyone!  Let’s have a great year besides it’s February already! It’s ok, you’re normal! Get UNCOMFORTABLE!


2 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Artist

  1. Let me know about your mastermind group, ok? And, about that thing that came from my email addie…I didn’t send it. Apparently, several things, I have no idea what they all were, were sent out to my entire address book. So sorry…have no clue. Disregard. I think creative, active ppl. get bogged down at times because they, we, dream too big sometimes. Then we get overwhelmed with it all and just stop because we can’t get a grip on the beginning process to work it step by step. That’s what I think, sometimes. HA!!!

    • Check out FreshRag.com (Davd Conrey – my son’s blog). He is the one who has initiated it but this is one where you have to show up. If another coach I know sponsors one again, I’ll let you know.

      You’re right, we become overwhelmed. You’ve seen my studio after a days work. I get overwhelmed with chaos. I wish I had enough energy after working and standing all day to clean up immediately. It would make it easier. But, I’m getting better and organizing the dyes and such.

      Thanks for commenting!

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