My Epiphany on My Brain Power


I had an epiphany this week. It might sound simple at first but if you look at it the way I did, I think your mind will start spinning. I realized how lucky I am to have my brain. Yes, MY Brain.
How I became clear on this is I started writing my list of things I’m grateful for. My family is usually first on my list, my health and of course the talents I’ve been given. This is not to sound narcissistic. It’s not about what I paint or design so much. That’s not the epiphany.

The ephiphany is that I’m NEVER bored.The beauty I see and create inside is so much fun. My brain runs overtime but it’s always creating. I cannot turn off the visuals all day long. I feel like I’m watching an incredible movie. I also have the ability to see everything in my environment which has helped me over the years to navigate in places I’d normally get lost. If I’ve been there one time, I can usually find it by landmarks.

Have you sat down and realized fortunate you are to have your brain? You might be smarter than I in terms of finances but that’s your gift. I’m sure you feel the same way about creating numbers. Maybe you are a counselor and your mindset is coming up with creative ways to get to the heart of people. Or, you are a lawyer and you can become very animated in your performance. How fun is that?

For all the times I went through the “fear of success” syndrome and stifled myself to the point of being paralyzed, I could have just chilled for a moment and sat down to dream. I’m sure to go through it again but what if I change my focus for a minute and realize once again that I have an amazing bunch of brain cells. If fact, I have a 100 billion of them so I have plenty to call on. I can change my doom and gloom in to boom and bloom. I’m not going to forget this gift I have any longer. I encourage everyone to remember how cool and fortunate you are!


2 thoughts on “My Epiphany on My Brain Power

  1. Good stuff, you…how is everyone? I’ve been really busy here but think of you and John so often. Give him a hug, a song and hopefully I’ll see you soon. me

  2. You must find me on facebook Marty cuz I cannot find you! We are good. Casita available in April if you wanna move back!

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