Sexy Vacation Anyone?


Going on vacation? Would you love to have a special memory to bring home with you?

This sarong was completed for a bride for her honeymoon in St. John. The groom wanted to keep in original packaging I sent…

Here is what he said about it:

“Great, thanks Michele! So I couldn’t resist any longer and opened it up last night so I could see it. It is absolutely gorgeous! It really even exceeded my expectations by a long shot and I’m ecstatic about it! I really can’t wait for her to open it! I think I’m going to give it to her when we get to our villa on St. John next Monday evening. Like I said, I will definitely take some nice pictures of it on her to share with you. Thanks again!

After the wedding:
The wedding and honeymoon were fantastic! We had great weather and just had a blast on the honeymoon. The Virgin Islands were beautiful! And I have to say that Kelly absolutely loved her sarong! I gave it to her the first night of the honeymoon and she was completely blown away. I have a few pictures that I am attaching. She wore it to Honeymoon Beach on St. John for the beach pictures and she also wore it around the villa. On this trip she only wore it around her waist and it looked amazing on her. She plans to wear it as a dress soon, but wasn’t able to during the vacation because she didn’t have the appropriate clothing with her to wear underneath. But to say the least we are very thankful for the wonderful job you did as it looks just gorgeous on her and is such a one of a kind piece of wearable art!
photo (5)


Custom work is a thrill for me as I love getting in to the hearts of the people who are ordering the surprise. What I do first is speak with them in length about their vision for the fabric. I send a thumbnail sketch or
two like you see above to see if I’m on the right track. I mail the sketch to them and get approval on colors, design and additional feedback. Once they’ve approved, I go to work to finalize the rest.

The final is then completed and packaged up to go. It’s that simple….well, not quite…I do alot of work to make it a gift everyone will love.




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