Elvis Presley – The King is Alive!

And you thought Elvis Presley has moved on to a different world. Remember all the rumors about him being still alive? Those stories went on for years and I would bet there are some folks who want to believe it or they do believe it. How could you not love Elvis? Many young girls had a poster of Elvis on her bedroom wall, except for me. My catholic father wouldn’t have such a thing.

Sorry Dad, I was not trying to get back at you when I decided to do this life-size replica of animated Elvis. I was in the middle of creating a series of musicians on silk. Elvis just happened to be COOL of Cool so I thought, why not? It requires seven steps to produce a silk painting but it is worth every moment of labor. It is similar to water-color but there is no forgiveness of the craft. It takes guts to begin a large piece. You are either going to ruin your very expensive silk or you will be delighted at the development once it has been steamed and hung dry.

The question is, where shall Elvis go now? I was thinking of finding a home at the Hard Rock Cafe or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Possibly, you might know of someone who is a major Elvis collector. There must be some places in Beverly Hills that would find a home for him.


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