Eve and the Apple?


Eve seems to be contemplating, doesn’t she? When I began painting this nude, I did not have Eve on my mind. After viewing her body image and emotion captured, I decided to add the apple. It certainly made it more interesting. My work is so odd, I think. The figures and portraits are far from perfect. Unique is the only word I can come up with. My features are exaggerated with the big lips and long necks. Most of the women turn out this way. I like to paint as I go. If I took the time to do a pencil sketch, the proportions might be more accurate. I’m showing a detailed portrait by Cesar Santos. Only in my dreams would I be able to paint like this in my lifetime.
perfect face

If I’m lucky, I might get close to Matisse or Modigliani.

Or, I’ll just keep working until someone says, “Your style is so unusual. I’d love to buy it!

It could be a good thing that I create my own style or I might not make a dent in the world. Only time will tell.


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