Family Affair


I’m surrounded by family talent. My bedroom is so tranquil. I wake up every day and go to sleep every night looking at these trees. The two pieces on the left are my mother’s. The small piece on the lower right is my Aunt Dee’s art and the other two are mine. Their work appears to be created effortlessly. For me, I struggle at times but I know the genes are bound to take me somewhere.

Although the two sisters were gifted from the start they never pursued art careers. Family came first. It wasn’t popular for women to get much press back in the day. Artwork, knitting and crafty things were thought of only as a hobby. The only social networks were their bridge club or church. Their wish might have been the same as mine but I don’t recall either of them talking about it in such a way. For me, I’m always kicking myself thinking I’m not good enough. I’ve got to remember when I see that their small collection of paintings that their great talent would have made the big time if they only applied themselves.

I know I have a bit of talent so I’m on a mission to paint and paint and paint some more. During the process, you will see my attempts. I will market and I will paint and paint and paint some more. then….start the marketing process all over again. Lucky for me, my son…. is a marketing strategist for artists. If I don’t make it due to his diligence, it’s my fault.
It’s time for me to make a difference in my world. How about you?


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