Abstract Art

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I’ve been painting silk for over almost 20 years.  I started out learning this medium from a friend.  We made  little paintings on silk that was stretched on a small embroidery hoop.  We made Christmas ornaments out of them.  I fell in love, so I took one lesson from another painter who held classes and sold supplies.  I was hooked after I worked on some silly crafty things.  I must have goofed around on it for about two or three years.

Then, my artist friend told me that she was going to Paris for a year or two and asked me, “Would I like to buy her silks supplies?”  “Would I?”, I proclaimed.  A few days later, I was in the throws of it all but after awhile I tired of the small stuff cutesy things.  I wanted to paint some bigger items like scarves.  My brother, Mark, who is a contractor made me the most awesome table on wheels with doors to hide my supplies.  One thing led to another.

I began painting large figurative work on the silk.   I had seen kimonos, scarves, and some watercolor paintings on silk that were about 40 ” large but never the size of my table which is about 72 x 50″ .  “Ok now!”, I thought.  “I’ve got something here.” Hence, the beginnings of my art career.

This page is dedicated to my abstracts which range in size from 10″ square to 55″ x whaterver you want”.  I also have a collection of figurative, musicians and landscapes.  My work is perfect for eclectic and contemporary settings for residential, corporate and hospitality.   I love to frame them in a minimalistic plexi glass or as ornate a moulding you can get.

Here are just a few of them.  I will be adding photos as I shoot them.

More to come


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