Water lily ponds are so Zen! I mean, peaceful. In fact, I think I’m falling asleep.


Chaos creates chaotic!


Is your home or wardrobe dated? Is it bringing you down? I can tell you that I was plaqued with a very forlorn looking sofa for the last couple of years. We didn’t want to spend the money at this time in the recovery years so we put it off but yet, I would feel so yucky every time I came home and looked at it.

I think it’s important to create an environment that sings to your soul. Over the years, I’ve made many of my clients homes sing. I’m not taking on interior design work at this time because of my focus on my new creative path. I will tell you that my own home is gonna sing in the next few months. Times have been a little more tough but things are looking up and I’m finding a way out and actually spending a wee bit of money. I’m using my own elbow grease unless it’s too big of a job. I painted every wall in the home originally but I think I’m over that now.

Feng Shui is important in my life. If I have chaos, I’m chaotic. If my surrounding is more serene than it gives me lots of juice left over to pour in to my work. Things have to be clean and orderly. My studio gets wrecked every time I paint in it. After I’m finished, I’m usually too tired to clean it up so I just rinse the brushes. The next day is not so much fun as I try to get started. I want to cleaning fairies to come in and put everything away. Where did they go? I thought I paid them well enough.

Noise is a factor too. I love my husband to death but at moments I want to throw the TV out the door.  He can stay but noise polution justs hurts my brain. Birds even have to move to different locations if they are out of sync.

As I ramble on here, I can see that just thinking about messy things makes me crazy and unfocused in this conversation. Your environment can tell a story about you and your family. What I wanted to say to y’all out there is….Honor yourself! Invest in your environment where you live eat and breathe….so you can live, eat and breathe in harmony.

Feng Shui Away

They say that Feng Shui is like a magnetic compass.  I believe in this theory because if I’m not in good standing in my home, my mind starts to spin.  You’re good to go if everything is in alignment and if not things seem more difficult.  For me, I must make my bed every morning before I do anything else.  The rest of the house can be clean but if  there are some dirty dishes in the sink, they will call me to finish them before I start my creative juices flowing. I force myself to get past it and just go to work on my art but I find that it swallows me up.  Unfortunately, I think I could be more productive if I could see past the small things.

Clutter is the worst.  My desk mess must be sorted in to one or two piles before I can open my laptop.  I can be in my pj’s but I must have my ducks in a row.  These little duckies above look like they’ve got it all together and are dancing a jig.  I feel that way once I’ve cleaned up as well.  If I’m a bit stressed, I put on Hawaiian music.  It mellows me out immediately.

I have a friend who told me his wife keeps newspapers, all the newspapers.  He has to walk through hourds of papers when he comes home.  Needless to say, he stays out a lot.  Can you imagine? I could not live that way.  My studio can become a wreck in minutes due to the nature of silk painting.  It has many steps in the procedure.  When I finish a piece and unwrap the foil and paper, I almost have to tear it off the roll of fabric.  I must rinse the fabrics after that.  I’ll be pretty tired after a days work and I’ll leave the papers, dyes and complete mess.  When I go out to start the next day, I want to scream.  “Why didn’t the Cleaning Angels come in last night?”  Argh!  How funny that I just used that term.  I just googled cleaning angels and found out that there are numerous housekeeping company’s called that. I thought I was being original.   I guess I’m not alone when it comes to thinking it would be a godsend to have someone come in and clean.

On that note, I think I’ll go clean up my dishes now and get to work!