Control Your Emotions And Fulfill Your Potential!

EMOTIONS can really mess you up and your goals for the future. See what The Truth Warrior has to say about it!

The Truth Warrior


Our emotions can range from anger, fear, depression, jealousy, guilt
to joy, peace, happiness and love. The emotions that we are
experiencing can make our lives a living hell or a living heaven.

Often times we can forget that the anger or depression we are
experiencing is not outside ourselves. We can buy into the illusion
that a person or a thing or a place is making us angry. We say to a
person that you are making me feel a certain way. The truth is the
anger, the fear, the guilt, the happiness and the love is coming from
within ourselves. Nobody can make us feel a certain way unless we
give them the permission or allow them to do so.

When we experience these negative emotions, often times they can
prevent us from really seeing the true picture of our reality. They
can cloud our judgement and can…

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Success in Baby Steps

How do we judge success?  To each individual the rate of success is different because we are hardest on ourselves.  I’m extremely tough on my own self.  If I don’t get my quota for the day completed, I am stressed.  Needless to say, I guess I’m stressed every day even though I’m feverishly working all the time. I must focus on my smaller goals instead of the gigantic ones daily.   This week I dreamed of designing a car.  Now, is that crazy or what?    I woke up and scratched my head on that one.

What I found works for me is to follow a goal list and I mean follow.  I have created many a goal book, set it aside and come back and found that years later, the goals are all the same.  If I keep three month to six month goals in a tablet that I look at daily, I can scratch off the things that I’ve accomplished.  It is not so overwhelming as the Big Goal Book.   I keep the bigger goals in a binder and break down the monthly in a small tablet I can fit in my purse.  As I look back at the past year, I’m doing OK.   If I rate my success based on my larger goals, I’m disappointed but my baby steps are in progress.  I look back and realize that I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit.

Now, it’s time to kick it in to high gear.  I’m been more relaxed due to the recession as most folks out there aren’t spending but that is no excuse for me.  It’s my time to create, create and market, market, market myself.  Soon, the money will be flowing again and I’ll be in the loop once again.

The best motivation for me is to look to my mentors.  Ok, now that I’ve said that, I’ll keep in mind how they work.  I’ll sleep and dream of big things tonight.  I’ll wake up refreshed.  I’ll go swimming and my brain will be creating on each lap.  I’ll focus on focusing this week!  How about you?