Bittersweet Times

I’ve been remiss from my blog for some time now but for a very good reason. A family member has passed. If you ever met this man, you would question why? He was one of the most inspirational men in my life. Everyone was affected by his constant positive attitude and unconditional love for all mankind. It’s very sad but his nature will live on forever as he left a huge imprint in the sand.


Instead of having a glum funeral, we decided to celebrate his life by taking his ashes out to the very place he loved the most. His crew members that worked for him gathered up as many canoes as they could. Fifty or more folks rowed or paddled out into the aqua marine water. After laying this man to rest, everyone threw up lei’s and tropical flowers into the air. Although it was bittersweet, it was a wonderful ceremony and a great memory for his life.

Next…it was time to party the way he would have wanted us to. We went on to a beautiful yacht club where many shared their story of love about their experience of our lost friend and relative. I believe that most of us could say, “I want what he had!” From this point on….his tribute will live on and on and on…and hopefully…his ways and beliefs rub off on all of us!