Mama’s got a brand new bag line.

three bags in a row

Here is a preview of a new bag line I will be painting this season.
I’d be interested in feedback on what you might think would be a fair price for original art which is also reversible? Appreciate your help!


Wedding Bells

christines weddubg

This is a re-blog of my own but thought it was appropriate considering wedding season in here. If you know of someone who wants something other than white for their special day, please pass it along and if I get a job from it…I’ll send you a treat!

Custom Fabrics Just For You

I’ve been working away this week for the holidays. Most of the items I’ll be selling this season will be scarves, a cool new bag line which I haven’t unveiled yet, and custom work.  Maybe you never thought about ordering an original design specific to your own personality from a textile artist? It’s not difficult as it’s all in the communication from the client to the artist, usually a sketch or two, and a test of colors before the project is final.  It’s worth it if you have a special engagement or you just want to be the fashionista of the year. There is a plethera of talented folks out there so if you’re looking, I hope you pick my style of painting but if not, search on…you’ll be amazed!

Here is a simple piece I worked on today for a friend who likes teal.

Heat Stroke~!

I can’t believe that I was painting this week in my garage. It was probably about 120 degrees farenheit. Well, almost.  It was between 109 and 113 this week. My normal routine would be to go and exercize before I start the creative juices. I had a change of heart and bypassed physical activity due to the weather conditions. I’ve got to beat the heat.

You’re probably asking me why would I do this? First, there is no place to paint silk unless you are in a garage or art studio as it leave unforgiveable messes. When you work with dyes such as I, you end up looking like a stained piece of glass but not that pretty when it’s all over your hands, face and surroundings. Sound like fun?  I have every intention to find the money and resources to close in part of the garage and add air conditioning. Before you know it, the summer will be over.

The real reason I’m mustering through the sweat is because I have a commission to paint and I fell in love with the first piece. I decided that I would keep it.  It is suited for a large abstract painting. It is one of a kind and I could not repeat it. I kept painting until the heat took me down. The next day I repeated the process on two or three more pieces because I was not happy with all of my work. I will not deliver something I’m not proud of. After all the drips off my forehead, I can deliver my work and feel good about it.  Here’s the piece I intend to keep.  Sorry, but it’s going to be entered in to an art exhibit!

Two Cuties in Two Tunics

These two cuties are wearing my most recent custom tunics.  They both wanted something unique to their personality. Suzanne wanted fleur de lis’ on her tunic. Joanie had  a floral in mind with specific colors. When I work, I take the information from the client, process it in my designer head and paint a way. Well, sort of.  I do a little more planning than that.  I might do a sketch first for the idea, test a sample piece of silk and show the concept to the client.  I know these ladies would have been happy with just about anything but I think it’s important to grasp what’s inside their minds so they are thrilled with the end result.

The floral piece took a bit more planning because I wanted to make sure the rosette flower did not sit over her chi-chi but carefully placed above it and the other flower near the waist on the other side.  To add more magenta accents, I added rose ribbons on the arms.  On Suzanne’s blue top, I added rhinestone grommets and gold french crowns for the tassels.

If you know someone who needs something unique for a special day whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, party, or just for every day, I’d love to create that one-of-a-kind piece for them.  Maybe, it’s you!!