My Funny Valentine


Christmas was a couple weeks ago but I’ve got to be ahead of the game when it comes to holidays. So, I whipped out a few red scarves for Valentines Day. All of my scarves come gift wrapped appropriately for the holiday or color of scarf.  They are ready for shipping and….shipping is FREE in the U.S.  For international shipping, the second item is shipped free.


Mama’s got a brand new bag line.

three bags in a row

Here is a preview of a new bag line I will be painting this season.
I’d be interested in feedback on what you might think would be a fair price for original art which is also reversible? Appreciate your help!

Hand Painted Silk – Choose your Color


I have something you crafters might be interested in. I can hand paint silk for you. Can you visualize the most luxurious silk quilt with matching shams? That’s something I should make for myself but I’ve just not got around to it. Maybe, I can find a quilter who wants to join me on a project. I’m open! A minimum of one yard up to unlimited yardage – I can do it. You can visit my shop on Etsy to see the variety of things I paint.

Mama’s got a brand new bag!


That’s right! A brand new one-of-a-kind bag. I’m coming out with a bunch of totes and purses this year along with my shawls and scarves.I’ve had some requests for more art on my wearable work. This one, I wanted to hang on to but I’m letting it go so I can move on and create more interesting ideas.



Both inside and outside are hand painted. It’s totally reversible with large pockets to fit an ipad,and all women essentials.One by one, I’ll be listing them on my online store.

I’d love your input or suggestions for improvement.

Hats Off

No, Hats On!  I think just about everybody looks great in a hat. Here are three different women in the same hat!  I think accessories make the outfit and you can look like a million bucks so I’ve added these items to my line.

I think black and white is a must for a wardrobe.   Pop if off your hat, and put it around your shoulders if it gets a little chilly.

I dyed the blue shawl in solid tones. My shawls can be ordered in any custom color. Imagine a wedding with the bridesmaids in dresses and shawls to match.  Very purty!!!

Black and White – Total Class Act!


BLACK AND WHITE is always Right!  If in doubt of what color to wear, choose black or black and white~! There isn’t anything classier. Black Tie events have shown how sexy it can be.  Of course, I can hand paint the beautiful shawls in any color of your choice.  Imagine if you have a dress that is nice but needs a little “sizzle”  … I think you can see how simple it would be to just top it off with a delicate silk shawl.  It not only looks great but feels great!

Two Cuties in Two Tunics

These two cuties are wearing my most recent custom tunics.  They both wanted something unique to their personality. Suzanne wanted fleur de lis’ on her tunic. Joanie had  a floral in mind with specific colors. When I work, I take the information from the client, process it in my designer head and paint a way. Well, sort of.  I do a little more planning than that.  I might do a sketch first for the idea, test a sample piece of silk and show the concept to the client.  I know these ladies would have been happy with just about anything but I think it’s important to grasp what’s inside their minds so they are thrilled with the end result.

The floral piece took a bit more planning because I wanted to make sure the rosette flower did not sit over her chi-chi but carefully placed above it and the other flower near the waist on the other side.  To add more magenta accents, I added rose ribbons on the arms.  On Suzanne’s blue top, I added rhinestone grommets and gold french crowns for the tassels.

If you know someone who needs something unique for a special day whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, party, or just for every day, I’d love to create that one-of-a-kind piece for them.  Maybe, it’s you!!

Mother’s Day is almost here.

Spring has sprung.  Well, almost.  It’s still a bit cool in Long Beach, CA but it won’t be long when we will all be looking for something cool and lite to wear.  Or, maybe you will be searching for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  I don’t know a mom in the world that wouldn’t appreciate silk, especially if it’s wearable art.  It will be a very special gift!



Power Ties

Power ties.  What are they?  One look at Michael Douglas, I’d say he had the power, wouldn’t you?  If looks could kill, he’s the winner in that department.  Of course, it helps when you are an actor.  But if you are not…how are you gonna get through that tough meeting with the board of directors, your boss, your first impression?  They say Red is the best power statement, then Yellow.  I think men are truly sexy in ties.  They may be uncomfortable to wear but not much worse than a women wearing stockings.  Fashion trends come and go and there seems to be a move away from ties but not so much in the corporate world.  The ties I create would be pretty intense for corporate. Maybe, maybe not.  I could deliver a sophisticated tie with bold colors and make a heck of a statement.  The cool thing about one-of-a-kind clothing it stands out among the crowd. Hence you get noticed and it opens a door, a conversation, a deal.  So, the next time you think, “I don’t want to wear a tie.”  Think again.  Would it be appropriate to or not to?  Would it be so cool to do so?  Would you look incredible and sexy?  You betcha!

If you’re looking for something unique.  I’d love to create it for you!  You handsome devil, you!