My Funny Valentine


Christmas was a couple weeks ago but I’ve got to be ahead of the game when it comes to holidays. So, I whipped out a few red scarves for Valentines Day. All of my scarves come gift wrapped appropriately for the holiday or color of scarf.  They are ready for shipping and….shipping is FREE in the U.S.  For international shipping, the second item is shipped free.


No Sundried Tomatoes Today!

Today I’m jammin’!  But, you’ll get no sundried tomatoes from me but maybe some scarves.I tried to rush things along a bit by drying some of my scarves in the sun today.  I don’t usually do this as I’m have more time but  I am on a serious mission to finish about 50 scarves before November 10th, so I can relax a bit. They are in the steamer now steaming away and solidifying the colors.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll pull them out and rinse them but first I’ll paint again.  I just hope my feet and back holds out longer than today!

Actually, I had Fried Green Tomatoes for my birthday brunch!  Yum!!!