My Funny Valentine


Christmas was a couple weeks ago but I’ve got to be ahead of the game when it comes to holidays. So, I whipped out a few red scarves for Valentines Day. All of my scarves come gift wrapped appropriately for the holiday or color of scarf.  They are ready for shipping and….shipping is FREE in the U.S.  For international shipping, the second item is shipped free.


Mama’s got a brand new bag line.

three bags in a row

Here is a preview of a new bag line I will be painting this season.
I’d be interested in feedback on what you might think would be a fair price for original art which is also reversible? Appreciate your help!

What’s Happening in My World of Fashion

It’s a fast pace we live in. It’s amazing how technology keeps blowing us away. There are many other areas in full speed that make the world spin. Fashion is a thing in life that we seem to be drawn to. I’ve been told to follow or be ahead of the fashionistas. I just do what I do although I seek inspiration from thumbing through fashion pages.

I’d love receiving compliments for my work but I would appreciate oppinions as well. I usually hear,  “You’re work is beautiful” which makes me feel great. I’d also love oppinions such as “I love your work and I could see you standing next to the big designers. Have you seen what they are doing lately?”  I’d say, “Which designers are you talking about that rock your boat?”

Would I follow your advise, maybe, possibly? Most likely and add my own twist on it, make it my own.  I would definately not follow the exact trend. I do not want to feel like I’m ripping-off someone however, I am inspired by designers all over the world.

Christian Dior always turns head with the classic but unique style especially since they’ve added a line from Raf Simmons. I’m completely in love with this guy’s work. I love the layering of sheers on top of a classic jacket or dress. He’s sensationally creative. I prefer the clean minimalism rather than the 1970’s looks from Chanel and Yves St. Laurent. That’s not something I would do, I like things that flow or are very tailored.

 A new british designer  for Chloe is Clare Waight as shown below.  Between these two, I can see myself immitating some of this work in my silk. My head is spinning now with ideas.  Currently, I’m working on inventory for the holidays as well as working on tunics for Spring season coming up. Yes, before you know it, Christmas will be over and we’ll be thinking of warmer weather again.
If you could spend a few thousand dollars on clothing, which designer’s line would you blow every penny on?

Working for a Living

Are we all working for a living? I certainly feel like I am.  At moments, I feel like I would trade Huey Lewis’s job instead of multi tasking myself to death. I’m not complaining, it’s just that my craft is so time consuming that sometines I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Will I be recognized in the world of fashion and art?  Only I can make it so. To finish up details on each new piece seems overwhelming at times.  Just painting the silk, then all the steps to finish, clean, photograph, upload to computer, upload to my wearable art site and art site…seems like it’s never ever ending, blog and social network. If you have a real job out in the corporate world, just remember if you wanna be an entreprneur, you’ll be working 9-11PM.

I do have a nice diversion on two days of my week. My grandson! There’s my peace. I’m still working though!! You bet I am! I’m getting in shape so I can run after him, he’s gaining speed.

Heat Stroke~!

I can’t believe that I was painting this week in my garage. It was probably about 120 degrees farenheit. Well, almost.  It was between 109 and 113 this week. My normal routine would be to go and exercize before I start the creative juices. I had a change of heart and bypassed physical activity due to the weather conditions. I’ve got to beat the heat.

You’re probably asking me why would I do this? First, there is no place to paint silk unless you are in a garage or art studio as it leave unforgiveable messes. When you work with dyes such as I, you end up looking like a stained piece of glass but not that pretty when it’s all over your hands, face and surroundings. Sound like fun?  I have every intention to find the money and resources to close in part of the garage and add air conditioning. Before you know it, the summer will be over.

The real reason I’m mustering through the sweat is because I have a commission to paint and I fell in love with the first piece. I decided that I would keep it.  It is suited for a large abstract painting. It is one of a kind and I could not repeat it. I kept painting until the heat took me down. The next day I repeated the process on two or three more pieces because I was not happy with all of my work. I will not deliver something I’m not proud of. After all the drips off my forehead, I can deliver my work and feel good about it.  Here’s the piece I intend to keep.  Sorry, but it’s going to be entered in to an art exhibit!

Hats Off

No, Hats On!  I think just about everybody looks great in a hat. Here are three different women in the same hat!  I think accessories make the outfit and you can look like a million bucks so I’ve added these items to my line.

I think black and white is a must for a wardrobe.   Pop if off your hat, and put it around your shoulders if it gets a little chilly.

I dyed the blue shawl in solid tones. My shawls can be ordered in any custom color. Imagine a wedding with the bridesmaids in dresses and shawls to match.  Very purty!!!

Power Ties

Power ties.  What are they?  One look at Michael Douglas, I’d say he had the power, wouldn’t you?  If looks could kill, he’s the winner in that department.  Of course, it helps when you are an actor.  But if you are not…how are you gonna get through that tough meeting with the board of directors, your boss, your first impression?  They say Red is the best power statement, then Yellow.  I think men are truly sexy in ties.  They may be uncomfortable to wear but not much worse than a women wearing stockings.  Fashion trends come and go and there seems to be a move away from ties but not so much in the corporate world.  The ties I create would be pretty intense for corporate. Maybe, maybe not.  I could deliver a sophisticated tie with bold colors and make a heck of a statement.  The cool thing about one-of-a-kind clothing it stands out among the crowd. Hence you get noticed and it opens a door, a conversation, a deal.  So, the next time you think, “I don’t want to wear a tie.”  Think again.  Would it be appropriate to or not to?  Would it be so cool to do so?  Would you look incredible and sexy?  You betcha!

If you’re looking for something unique.  I’d love to create it for you!  You handsome devil, you!