The Right Color


What is the Right Color? The right color is the right color for you, not me or anyone else but for you or your business. The right color must go with the right lighting in an environment or for the right type of environment. There is so much to color that it would make your mind spin.

The good news is I’m great at it. I can confidently say I have I’ve been trained at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, California. and I have a natural eye for color. You see, I am an artist first and foremost. All the training in the world can’t help people see color or placement. You must see it first.

When I walk in to any room, I will know immediately after a few questions from the client, what colors will be perfect for setting the right mood, the right color for raising an appetite, or calm a hyperactive or depressed person.

I travel from North Orange County to Palm Desert, California. I have a home in both areas so it is no problem for me to set up a schedule to consult you in both design and color.

This is what I do. I’d love to help you!

You can reach me at 949 433-0631 and I’ll come a running!

You can click on the logo above to take you to my web page and portfolio.


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